STEAMBOX Launches Game-Changing Workforce Development Program

Technology Training and Development Initiative Offers Major Opportunity for Employers and Employees

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (May 23, 2018) — The world of advanced technology development reached a new level today with the launch of STEAMBOX, a first-of-its-kind training program specifically for the tech sector.

The program offers students and workers access to certification with top-notch training and on the job skills development in advanced technology arenas. Currently, STEAMBOX offers A/R, V/R, and 3-D. Additionally in development are offerings in data curation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity auditing (NIST 800-171 Compliance). Participants in STEAMBOX are given the tools and resources necessary to launch a career in these exceptionally desired fields. Consequently, employers will have access to a deeper pool of highly-skilled talent in the industry.

Created as a potential solution for tech-minded individuals for which the traditional collegiate route may not be an option, the STEAMBOX program is also a big draw for displaced employees and those looking to return into the workforce. Taught primarily online and through onsite Capstone projects, participants in the program receive the top training available to prepare them for a potentially lucrative career without incurring debt or lengthy years in school.

“We are excited to see our vision come to life with this program,” said Stephen Couchman, Founder and CEO of STEAMBOX. “As technology leaders ourselves, we understand the critical need for skilled talent in this arena. Additionally, we saw the void in opportunities available for potential talent that may desire a non-traditional path and those looking for a way to complement their educational journey. STEAMBOX brings all of that together seamlessly.”

The curriculum was developed and vetted in partnership with an advisory board made up of the leading minds in the industry. This allows for great agility and evolution at the speed of business ensuring that STEAMBOX stays ahead of the curve and its graduates can seamlessly assimilate into a professional role. STEAMBOX is working in conjunction with Lawrence Technological University, Workforce Intelligence Network and other educational entities to further hone its offerings and reach.

Couchman announced the launch at the Michigan Educators Apprenticeship and Training Association’s Spring Apprenticeship Conference (MEATA) and was met with enthusiasm and excitement. STEAMBOX will begin its first pilot class this summer. “We are proud to forge this path in our home state of Michigan,” said Couchman. “Our state has a breadth of untapped talent and together we can position Michigan at the forefront of innovative training and development.” STEAMBOX plans to continually expand and evolve its certification opportunities based on industry needs.

To find out more about STEAMBOX or to sign-up to participate as a preferred partner, employer or trainee visit:

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