Dawn McArdle

Dawn McArdle

With over 15 years creating visualization imagery specifically for the automotive design industry, Dawn McArdle has a wealth of knowledge to share.  Having experienced the industry shift from a reliance of physical to digital models, Dawn helped shape a budding viz team at GM and went on to assist on hot projects at companies including Ford, FCA, Rivian, Waymo, VW, Zoox and BMW Designworks. Previous to working within the automotive industry, she was creating animations for The Discovery Channel as well as other TV networks and commercials.

Dawn studied Cinematography at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, where she learned how to tell a story using traditional filming methods, including stop-action animation, and took advantage of their audio recording studio. Here, she gravitated toward a couple of Amiga computers with a Video Toaster editing system, which was the start of their now renowned animation program.  Like her students, Dawn continues to seek out opportunities to learn digital tools.

 Throughout her career of 26 years, she has been teaching various softwares, focusing on design theory, best practices and workflow strategies.  Dawn was one of the first VRED users in the US and has been using it as her predominant tool since 2013. She teaches with a “follow-along” approach and excels at helping students of all expertise levels comprehend complex information through simplified exercises. 

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