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No excessive debt. Minimal time investment. Access to leading companies immediately hiring skilled staff. Accessible to people of all ages, financial means, and education levels

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  • STEAMBOX is changing the world of workforce development
  • Students of all ages now have unprecedented access to career paths at the forefront of emerging technology
  • Whether a school-age student or a displaced worker, the STEAMBOX program provides training and access to careers in AR/VR and other leading technologies
  • This is a fast-track to the front of the technology that is changing the way the world works. This career path is NOT a fall-back or “last chance” option
    These careers aren’t at risk of being replaced by technology; these careers ARE the creators of the technology that are building and implementing the future now. So, job security, all the way
  • The world looks at trades and on-the-job training differently than we do in the US. STEAMBOX demonstrates that in certain areas, a four-year degree is not a requirement for high rates of solid career success
  • Works in conjunction with community colleges, the State of Michigan etc.
  • The first program of its kind in the nation
    Launching in Michigan in 2021, then rolled out nationally
  • Provides accredited certification in the field
  • Advisory board made up of the leading minds in technology provides ongoing insights and strategy to maintain and further evolve the program
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