Stephen Couchman

Throughout his career, Stephen Couchman (Couch) has been an innovative marketer. Following George Patton’s philosophy of: “Lead me, follow me or get out of my way”, Couch has marketed a wide range of products and services from motorcycles to highly sophisticated computers. By 1994, Couch qualified as a Certified Adobe Partner and entered the world of digital marketing including digital signage. For Couch, it was the beginning of a career expansion that led him to start LivePicture, LLC a company that delivers experiential marketing to trade-show exhibitors. Beginning with a nine-foot video wall displaying easily changed content, LivePicture reached deeper into technology to include VR, AR and even AI. Under Couch’s leadership, as President/CEO, LivePicture became partners with an ever-expanding number of technology companies such as Microsoft, NVIDIA, Adobe. Supermicro and more. He was elected Vice President of VRARA of Michigan, a regional branch of a global organization of the best minds in virtual and augmented reality. Realizing the potential in emerging technology, Couch began pursuing another dream: using technology to develop a 21st Century educational program called STEAMBOX™, a patent pending state-of-the-art employee training system. STEAMBOX™, uses curated online assets, mentoring and financial incentives to educate students and displaced workers in high-value technologies satisfying future-stage workforce demands. Training disciplines will include Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Advanced Web and Programing Technologies. Couch is President/CEO of STEAMBOX™, using some members of LivePicture as well as select experts from the educational, business and technology communities.

Dawn McArdle

Dawn McArdle

With over 15 years creating visualization imagery specifically for the automotive design industry, Dawn McArdle has a wealth of knowledge to share.  Having experienced the industry shift from a reliance of physical to digital models, Dawn helped shape a budding viz team at GM and went on to assist on hot projects at companies including Ford, …

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Unity Battle Royale

Join the global explosion of the battle royale genre. Get started here to make your first massive game completely from scratch. Throw yourself into the world of game development. Battle Royale games like Fortnite, PUBG, Rust, and H1Z1 are a meteorite success. Fortnite’s player count is 45 million and growing. Epic Games, PUBG, Daybreak, Ubisoft …

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